Yale sash window press bolt

Barrel screws into inner frame and the key operated bolt screws into both barrel and . How to fit a sash window press bolt to increase security in your home. You can also search for yale press bolt spare key in the following places:. Chubb Window Bolts Brass Finish plus white press enamel window locks.

An impressive sash window bolt that fits most timber sash windows.

Being safe in your home is one of the most important. It is locked by incorporating a press – bolt thereby preventing the inner and outer frames of the sash window from passing each other. To unlock, use the supplied. The Sashlock is a robust surface mounted press -lock designed to help aluminium windows resist forced entry. Main Features Incorporating A . Sash stops screw into the wooden window, and secure the window to.

Press the bolt to lock, key to. This white window press bolt is ideal for securing wooden sash windows from the inside.

Former Chubb WSSash Window Stop, Now rebranded Yale. With the press bolt in the locked position, place the receiving plate so that the bolt passes through the centre of . A range of sash and swing locks for wooden and uPVC windows to increase window security at building entry points and reduce drafts, giving you peace of mind . With Face Fix (MC 76) and Sub Fix (MC78) . Yale 8K1- Multi Purpose Bolt. Simply press the bolt in to lock and use keys supplied to unlock. On sash windows it always best to install bolts , ones that fix into the frame provide. P-6P119- Bolt , P1Sash Window Pk= Polished Brass.

Kids Safe Security Sliding Window Door Sash Lock Restrictor Safety Catch PR. I lean across and cup my hands around my face to peer in the window. I fight the urge to turn and bolt. AGP Truth Hardware Low Profile Sash Lock. Works through Profile Cylinder Key Way Dead Bolt Rim Lock , Heritage Brass.

The lock incorporates levers which activate the bolt when the key is turned in the lock. In some places they are known as deadlocks and lever mortice sash locks. We set up secure window locks.

Their main purpose is to enable you to press a button – hidden or not – to.