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Use our search engine to find the awnings that fits your caravan. Enter your caravan model and year to check which Ventura awning size fits your caravan. Click here to jump to how to size your caravan for a porch awning.

The second factor in determining the ideal awning size for your . Find which awning will fit your caravan in seconds with our what awning fits my caravan finder. This is where it becomes a bit tricky.

If you look at Points A-A this is the maximum width available as the awning channel . Caravans and Caravanning Forum. What is an a-measurement? Am I right to demand a replacement van after a flood of soiled sink water flooding my week old van Disgusted. I was asking him to confirm what size I would need for my new caravan. There are two key measurements to determine what size porch awning will fit your caravan, firstly the height from the ground to the awning rail (H) and secondly . We know finding the right size of awning for your caravan, motorhome or.

Title says it all would like to know what everyone is using?

So before choosing, ask yourself some questions to decide exactly what you. Most caravan manufacturers give the awning size in the caravan handbook but if. Of course, that is exactly what the canopy length is for a 15-foot awning. The roller tube itself is only about feet inches in length and the . Order Today For FREE Shipping on All Season Awnings Over £100! Backed by years in the industry, Dave Long Protective Products knows what it takes to provide a perfect fit on all awnings and shades every single time.

Internal Length (at bed box height), 4. All the awnings you have seen are either just like those below or a combination thereof. When working with our sales staff refer to this page to help clarify what. Use our window sizes chart to compare custom and standard sizes by window and door type. Making sure you get the right size awning is vital. Find answer to common questions about vintage trailer awnings – what size to get, cleaning tips, storage and more.

I was told by the caravan dealer that the awning included in with the purchase. Any suggestion what length a size equates to? Purchasing and awning this week.

Looking at the ironman 2. I have attached a link to the awnings we offer.

If you want to send me the measurement of your box or boxes and what color you want I can make some .