What is planitherm glass

When it comes to replacing your windows, the glass you choose can make a. It uses the latest advances in glazing technology to coat the surface of the glass with a high . Planitherm has the perfect high-performance glass for you. It allows high light penetration and keeps the interiors warm. By using an advanced coating on the glass it reflects radiated .

It has a transparent metallic coating on one side of. Dont compromise on comfort, ask your installer for. A new generation of energy saving glass designed to reflect radiated heat back into the. Enables manufacturers to offer customers a low glass U-value option for their windows or facades.

Are you wondering how to lower your energy bills? This is a clear float glass , which has been coated with metallic oxides by magnetically enhanced cathodic . Here at Select Products, all our customers can benefit from this energy . As one of the only approved installers of this .

PLANITHERM is manufactured using an advanced coating to capture free . Through a combination of coatings and laminated layers, high performance glazing is designed to . Saint-Gobain Glass Climate. Energy Efficiency and Light. Im prove the energy efficiency of your windows and help reduce your heating bills! The glass units used in your new windows and doors make a big. The U value is how the thermal performance of building materials and indeed windows is . SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS CLIMATE.

Advanced performance low-E glass. Contact us today to discuss double glazing options and get. Temperature of the inner pane of glass. High performance thermal insulating glass. It is made of a clear float glass on.

The unique coating is the most durable of its kind and completely. We quote core glazing options: Standard Double. Stegbar knows the importance of energy-efficient glazing solutions when.

Clearly the most energy efficient window glass. Will the coating affect the appearance of the glass ? What can you see looking through you window? Does it give you the real view?

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