Wedge mosquito net

The Wedge mosquito net is a premium mosquito net with full hanging kit. A lightweight and versatile travel mosquito net that is pre-treated to kill mosquitoes. A compact single wedge -shaped mosquito net with EXAnti-Mosquito long-life impregnation weighing just 180g. The net is ideal for the minimalist traveller who.

Wedge Mosquito Nets – single nets for back packing and camping.

Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. The Mosquito Net Wedge Impregnated net is ideal for the world traveler. This impregnated net, suitable for person, is wedge -shaped and has one . We offer an extensive range of mosquito and insect nets which are designed to keep flying insects away from you whilst you sleep. Features long lasting durallin protection.

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The impregnated Wedge is our lightest mosquito net , which makes it an ideal mosquito net for the world. Wedge or bell mosquito nets only need one suspension point directly above where your head will be. Ridge nets will need two hanging points . The high end provides space for the user while the low end drapes over.

Grab your wedge net today. It only requires one hanging point making it perfect for hostels and hotels. This net is particularly suited for backpackers, as it. The Pyramid Double Mosquito Wedge Net is impregnated with Permethrin to protect against mosquitoes and other biting insects.

Wedge shaped easy install mosquito net for the traveller. Single Wedge Impregnated Mosquito Net. Hang it from a wall, a door frame, a window frame or the ceiling.

It is easy to hang from either . This is great size wedge shaped Mosquito Net that is impregnated with a Duralin coating for maximum protection It is ideal for travelling and home. Ideal for travel and camping trips to mosquito borne areas, these mosquito nets fit over sleeping bags and cots. Lightweight net with stuff bag.

They provides fully enclosed. De Care Plus Mosquito Net Wedge Durallin is een 1-persoons klamboe voor op reis. Het muskietennet is lichtgewicht en door het compacte formaat neem je .