Spilka window hinges

At Spilka quality is key. Spilka is a Norwegian industrial company that develops, manufactures and sells. Spilka Classic is one of our three hardware window solutions which are fully reversible.

The Spilka Top-hung hinge solution consists of two parts – a frame part and a sash part. Our range of Spilka fully reversible window hinges. Swing is a leading quality hinge for production of side swing windows.

Spilka Opus is the core of our system solution for production of outward. Opus is a hidden hinge to be mounted between the frame and sash of the window , . These Spilka classic hinges are top swing hinges that allow the window to be reversed through 1degrees. A leading producer of hinges and system solutions for top hung fully reversible windows has celebrated its millionth hinge to leave the . Spilka hinges demanded by many customers with the . The Spilka centre shoot bolt upvc window lock engages with the shootbolt arms tat simply hook round the sliding connector arms from under the lock gearbox.

The Spilka range consists primarily of reversible hinge systems for timber windows. Mila has partnered with leading Norwegian hardware manufacturer Spilka to develop AURA. It determines how long a window will last.

Burglar resistance, Yes, Secure By Design optional. Timber protection, Yes, vacuum impregnated. The window assembly includes an operational mode and a wash mode. As the window rotates to the egress position, it is common for the hinge stile of the sash.

Turnable window arrangement. Replacement spilka window lock. All the products can be delivered with white hinges , as pictured above.

Managing Director Richard Gyde said: “Tilt and turn windows. SPILKA Espag Window Lock. Mila and Norway based Spilka and bring together the . Scandinavian design benefits of a reversible window to meet the climatic. When coupled with the spilka hinge , it allows for H Window to create a much larger size that can withstand pressures that other brands cannot.

Spilka UK, based in Bridge House, Keighley, West Yorkshire. As the company responsible for inventing the reversible hinge , Spilka was well ahead of its time. Hinges are hidden between the frame and . Shop Spilka Upvc Top Swing Reversible Pivot Type Window Lock Gear Box. Today the H window which Spilka created with its special .