Smart roadster glass roof

I asked him the question that if I wanted to make my smart car roof an all glass roof. Could you replace your crazed roof with glass ? Passion Coupe Owners – Is your roof crazing? Glass roofed Roadster available ? You may decide to fit the brabus canvas roof or the folding glass top roof.

This retrofit was done on a Roadster coupe but the standard Roadster is almost exactly the same but with far less room to work and a missing tie bar between the. Two types of roof are available for the smart. It shared the design of the Roadster from the doors forwar but had a glass targa roof and rear structure resembling a small shooting-brake in the . The mats are sprayed in. As I had considered getting . Grandmothers elbowed aside policemen to watch the vinyl roof electrically accordion.

It features a pair of glass panels in the roof , which can be removed . Throughout the life of the smart 45 there were only officially recognised.

Leaks tend to come where the roof bars meet the door glass , particularly . A shatterproof polycarbonate has been employed in a panoramic roof for the third generation smart fortwo car. Smart Roadster Buyers Guide. Mercedes 599cc 4-stroke 61bhp engine.

Examine the glass headlights and all signal lights of the . Roof appliqués are being molded from DuPont Rynite PET thermoplastic . MAGIC SKY CONTROL smart glass roof which allows users to . ForTwo since introduction of . My wife was driving down the motorway this morning when the glass roof on her. There were no scratches, cracks or anything similar on the glass previous to this and. Roadster and Roadster Coupé are available with a removable Targa roof or . Although the idea of replacing glass with lighter weight plastic. They report a clear trend toward larger backlights and panoramic roof panels using plastics.

GLASS ROOF , AMAZING RED LEATHER INTERIOR AND MATCHING DOOR . Find great deals on eBay for smart roof and smart top roof module. USB port Aux Jack, panoramic roof , smart thrift, air- conditioning, storage module charging cable, heated seats, leather, .