Sliding pillar suspension

A sliding pillar suspension is a form of independent front suspension for light cars. The stub axle and wheel assembly are attached to a vertical pillar or kingpin . I see this referred to on some euro sites. Is this McPhereson strut? The photographs below are details from a .

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Including full suspension go . The only difference is that the semi-trailing-arm suspension has its pivot axis at an angle to. The sliding pillar suspension also has its roll center at ground level. This particular suspension was a.

Sliding pillar suspension with shock absorber. Its open to all Lancias with sliding pillar suspensions , from Lambdas up through Appias, although Flaminias, Flavias and Fulvias also make appearances. Another early form of independent suspension was that due to Brouhliet in.

Anyone else blown away by sliding pillar suspension ? Thethirdisthe sliding pillar suspension with vertical pillars, as shown schematically in Fig. Usually a horizontal coil spring is used in this type of suspension. Using a sliding pillar configuration has many advantages.

Hence looking at the suspension from the front, neither the double trailing arms ( Fig. 13) nor the sliding pillar (Fig. 14) layout has any transFig. Find the perfect sliding pillar suspension stock photo. The kit is designed to put your 2B onto a . For this period the chassis layout consisted of a tubular frame ending with quarter elliptic springing at the rear, and sliding pillar suspension at the front.

The characteristic “ SLIDING PILLAR ” independent front suspension found on every Lancia for over forty years is a significant engineering feature that no doubt. The predominant front suspension design for large mining trucks is the sliding pillar. Armstrong Suspension System ( Diagram I) Armstrong Suspension System. I have often wondered whether sliding pillar suspension would have any significant advantages over say, a De Dion system, torsion bar, leaf . Variously described as ‘ sliding pillar ‘, in that the king-pin slides .

Morgan sports car suspension systems.