Safety mechanism for blinds

It requires that new blinds must be safe by design or be supplied with the. When cutting chain make sure connector does not need to travel through mechanism and prevent blind from operating. These are to replace the cord connectors . A cord tensioner is a device specific to blinds and shades with a continuous cord loop lift system.

Here is how to make sure your blind cords are safe for toddlers. This safety device should be used to eliminate the potential strangulation hazard created looped pull chain for Roller Roman and Vertical Blinds It.

Window blind cords can be a risk to babies, small children and vulnerable people. However, we do not recommend that. All of our blinds will be supplied with a child safety device.

Any of our blinds that use cords or chains are delivered with child- safety devices. Please retain the instructions . You can find how to fit the child safety device for your blind by taking a look at . Where cords cannot be cut, a tie down or tension device can be used to pull the cord tight and . Blinds can be potentially dangerous to small children.

With this type of safety device , if more pressure than is necessary to operate the blind is applied to the chain, the connector will break apart. Check that the blind includes a safety device for keeping the cord out of the reach of children and that the safety device meets the safety standards EN . Child safe blinds , what is available to make sure your child stays safe. Spring tensioned mechanism , no chains are required on this type of blind so are. Read our important tips on how to make blinds child safe.

A spring mechanism cleverly locks it into position. How Do I Make My Evans Roman Blinds and Corded Tracks Compliant? There are several simple steps you can take to minimise risk – and help keep your child safe.

A special tie-down device can be used for vertical blinds with . A safety device for roller shade bead chain includes a connecting seat, a rotary disc disposed atop the connecting seat and provided along a circumferential face. Install safety devices that remove the cord loop or reduce access to cords, and. Looped curtain and blind cords pose a significant strangulation hazard for children as. Consumer Affairs Victoria have a free safety kit containing a device that . Learn more about the rules and regulations regarding blind cord safety and. Name or trademark on the blind.

General warning notice left on the blind. Product instructions left with the customer. Accumulation device securely fitted.

The free safety kit contains a device that tensions looped cords to a window frame so they are no longer loose, reducing the likelihood of . Knowing the hidden hazards that come with window . Alpine Blinds is committed to blind safety for children and comply with all current safety.