Polycarbonate race car windows

Race Car windows formed with the highest optical grade materials. We do not use materials such as Lexan due to the overall lack of quality. From the race circuit to customized street legal cars to various heavy equipment . When it comes to building a time attack race car one of the biggest performance gains comes from weight loss – and this means Lexan . Formed and hard coated polycarbonate windshields and windows for tractors racing marine construction equipment lexan plastic.

Lexan or Makrolon polycarbonate window kits for motorsport race and fast road conditions.

Quality and affordable front and rear rally car windows for track day . For about $40 you can buy rough cut windows and a basic installation kit from companies like Alston Race Cars , or for about $20 you can . However use Lexan which is what race cars use rather than polycarbonate. If the worst happens the polycarbonate breaks into sharp shards. Sandbrooks have been supplying and fitting glass to race cars for over years.

Mar resistant polycarbonate for the windscreen and Toughened glass or Mar . Jerry Bickel Race Cars gives Racers the technology to . Operating from their secret headquarters in the.

Putting Lexan windows in the racer. Buy Plastic Car Window Kits Online At Demon Tweeks. Lightweight Race Window Kit From £. Can be used in roof panels, glazing purposes, race car window panels, pool fence . Polycarbonate is commonly known by the brand names Makrolon or Lexan.

Keep the rain and dust out of your race car while at the track or while sitting outside of the shop. Our piece polycarbonate motorsport window kit includes both . These are designed to fit in an ewith the window. Lexan, or polycarbonate , is vastly different than acrylic sheeting. This is for a vintage race car , but I want the car to look as nice as . Rally Car plastic and polycarbonate windows and other parts, including sump guards, air scoops, mudflaps, battery boxes and roof vents, for racing cars. Lexan polycarbonate race car windows are manufactured from Genuine Lexan polycarbonate, The lexan windows are marked up to meet all regulations.

Kits require border painting and rivet mounting holes to be drilled to car body. For those of you looking to shave weight from your race car , Optic Armor. These guys specialise in making Lexan polycarbonate windows for all. Kindaplastics install lexan polycarbonate windshields for race cars.

Racing cars require lightweight and shatter-proof window panes. Glazings made from polycarbonate feature these particular properties.

High quality aftermarket porsche car windows for many models including but not. Generally headlamp lenses are made of polycarbonate. Acrylic and polycarbonate are lightweight, shatter-resistant, and have optical.

Our fabrication department has provided windshield solutions for race cars , boats. All Templar Performance Window Kits are made to order and manufactured on site. Lexan Margard combines the impact strength of Lexan polycarbonate with.