Old wardrobe keys

Ideal replacement for additional lock lost keys for a wardrobe. The key is made from steel and has an electro Brass plated finish to give an antique look. Fancy Old Key – Master Key – S1- Wardrobe – Desk – Cabinet.

Original and reproduction antique keys for vintage and antique trunks, cabinets, desks, furniture and other locks. My lovely DScan now apparently reach his wardrobe lock and has nicked off with the key !

Any ideas where i could get one from? VINTAGE RETRO OLD STYLE BRASS WARDROBE LOCK – Cupboard Drawer. Vintage Cast brass Cabinet Cupboard door Latch unused old stock NOS.

The easylocks 3Astro wardrobe key is a pre cut key ideal for locking and unlo. Asro, Ashtree and Ring Bow. Most of these keys do not need cutting, but some do!

If you find a key that looks like your key it will probably fit, as there is no security in . The hole is just to guide the key into position.

Try searching for a similar key , the locks on these wardrobes are a very simple mechanism so . Secure your desk or drawers in style with our antique locks and keys. Replace old or broken cabinet locks, lost clock keys or update worn furniture drawers with. This assortment features our key fob and ten of the most commonly used zinc barrel keys for antique cabinet and furniture locks. In addition, you can repurpose. Once lost the key to a very old Ford Escort I had years ago, the screw driver really worked . Or have you lost your keys to a piece of furniture in your home?

Smart Ways to Organize Your Bedroom Closet. Hello, My boyfriend purchased an antique wardrobe on craigslist with a lock and key door. In transit he lost the key to the wardrobe.

Asro Wardrobe Cabinet Key K399. Shell Antique Bronze Key. In fact, many old locks were built for pure decoration and can be easily bypasse even without a skeleton key. You may even be able to gain . Find an original key to fit your trunk, or.

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Replacement keys for old locks Old box, case, and wardrobe.