Multi opener

Progressive International is your source for the widest range of functional, inventive, and fun kitchen tools and great ideas put into practice. The Prepworks by Progressive unique Opener opens different seals and lids. It has a hidden blade that zips open bags and a clamp that opens safety seals.

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Soft grip coating for comfort during use. With a durable grip, the opener has the ability to open six different types of seals and lids. This is the ultimate kitchen gadget! This award-winning design merges multi -function with aesthetic in its purest form.

This sturdy and supremely handy tool opens pull-tabs vacuum lids crown caps . Features a durable and comfortable grip. This tool opens six different types of seals and lids with ease.

It removes hard-to-grasp safety seals, opens metal bottle . At least with the multi opener from Rig-Tig, since the practical kitchen tool unifies four functions in one device. The multi opener is a bottles opener, . Open stubborn jars and bottles with this ingenious opener with a simple solution for lids up to bottle twist tops, bottle caps, safety seals . Description: in opener does it all! Opens jars, bottle caps and tops, pull tabs and safety seals with ease. Removes safety seals, metal bottle caps, ring pulls, jar lids, bottle tops and has an enclosed blade for . This unique kitchen tool has an enclosed blade to slice through . Durable construction with functions to open all kinds of tight jars, cans and water bottles.

Highlights A must have kitchen gadget for daily use. Multi -Purpose Can Opener Black. Ireland from various suppliers. Buy the latest multi opener GearBest.

The Le Creuset multiopener combines an effective four wheel design foil cutter, a handy screwcap remover, a bottle opener and a sparkling wine cork remover. You can zip open bags by using its hidden blade and open safety seals with the clamp.

Universal opening machine for fibres and recyclable nonwowen waste. The feeding device and the tambour are adapted to the . This 6-in-multi opener allows you to easily open jars, metal bottle caps, plastic bottle tops, pull tabs, safety seals and bags with one simple tool. RIG-TIG multi opener has no less than functions. With one tool you get a bottle opener, a can opener as well as a releaser for jar lids or screw caps.

MaxiAids: An imaginative tool no kitchen should be without. Browse now to get a wide range of kitchenware online at competitive price. Easily open jars, metal bottle caps, plastic bottle tops, pull-tabs, safety . OPEN ANYTHING IN YOUR KITCHEN WITH TOOL!