Microwave with left hand opening door

No surprise: this microwave has controls on the right , hinges on the left. Had a Big Hinge Conspiracy closed the door on all alternative . While there are no left-handed doors – hinged on the right side to open left to right – there was a microwave that allowed for a reversible hinge. BUILT IN MICROWAVE WITH LEFT HAND OPENING DOOR. Built in microwave with grill with left hand side opening door. Dimensions: 3H mm x 5W . Grill function: perfect grilling are quickly and easily achieved thanks to a powerful grill.

Side – opening door : convenient opening thanks to right -hinged or . NEFF Series Microwave Oven C54L60N0GB ( Left -handed door hinge ): Electronic control, microwave , symmetrical control panel with bevelled glass fascia . Smart Over the Range Microwave in Black Stainless with Scan-to-Cook Technology. Door Swing/Style Left to Right Swing. NEFF series microwave hinges on the right side. Entryways Entryway Appeal Can Hinge on a Pivot Door.

This design is meant to make opening the door with your right hand feel. Most microwaves open with a leftie-style door , but the button that . Placing the hinge on the right would make for a very awkward. Microwaves doors open so that the user can insert plates, cups, etc.