Making blind cords safe

The deadly danger of window blind cords should be understood by every. Here is how to make sure your blind cords are safe for toddlers. Though these standards aim to make new blinds much safer , many.

Cleats can be fitted to tie blind cords high up out of the reach of children. As injuries and deaths from window blind cord strangulation continue to occur throughout the U. Parents for Window Blind Safety raises awareness for the .

European Committee for Standardisation. Reduce the risk from looped blind cords and chains. They found him hanging from the cord of the window blinds , wearing. Updated video on inherently safe blinds and making all blinds safe for young children and infants.

The British Blind and Shutter Association (BBSA) takes a look at the various ways to ensure that your blinds. Increase Safety of Corded Window Coverings Using these tips. Protect young children from dangerous dangling cords and loops.

Steps for protecting children. Mandatory blind and curtain cord requirements.

How can I make my blind cords safe ? Read through our guidance on using blind cords safely , to avoid any accidents. Our exclusive TwistSafe roller blinds do not have any chains or cords , and are . Make it Safe from the British Blind and Shutter Association (BBSA) promotes window blind safety in all homes, public buildings and other environments. The free safety kit contains a device that tensions looped cords to a window. The free curtain and blind cord safety kit will help make looped . The cords of window blinds and curtains can pose a serious risk to children.

Make your existing blinds or curtains safe – try to get rid of cords ending in a loop. Concern Grows Over Window Blind Safety. While the industry searched for ways to make cords safer , Comfortex found a way to make.

Blinds and curtains with long, unsecured cords are a strangulation hazard for children. Make sure you buy blinds and curtains with safe design features and that . Help us spread the Awareness of Blind Cord Safety in your community! Help us make this common knowledge among parents, caregivers and pet owners. Blind cord safety is a key element of the Northern Ireland Home Accident.

Looped curtain and blind cords pose a significant strangulation hazard for children as they can place. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. What to look for in new blinds and how to make existing blinds safer.

Note: By law there are limitations on cord and chain lengths for in-built safety systems.

Buy Safety 1st Blind Cord Wind Ups on Amazon. FREE SHIPPING on qualified. I ended up just trimming the strings as short as I could make them. Tips for keeping children safe around blind and curtain cords ,. Blind and curtain cords are a serious strangulation risk to children.

Do not fit blinds and curtains with cords attached. Make existing blinds or curtains safer – take .