Lorient fire and smoke seals

This slim-line, dual function seal is fitted to door frames to restrict the spread of ambient and elevated temperature smoke. When exposed to fire conditions the . A fire and smoke seal which expands its original size to act as a barrier against fire and hot gasses. Our intumescent seals are a vital part of a fire door assembly, helping to defend buildings against the spread of fire. Our smoke seals restrict smoke movement .

The complete solution for acoustic, smoke , fire and thermal containment. A range of popular sizes to cover both and minute applications. If a specific finish or colour is required for . Product Range – Standard Profiles.

There is an operational test. An overhead drip guard designed to channel rain water away from exposed doors, particularly those which open outward. These exceptional door seals combine performance and durability with superior aesthetics. Suitable for acoustic, smoke , fire and thermal .

Rubber fins make this seal a popular application in hospitals, food. For further information about our products. This popular seal , with antique design, effortlessly meets the requirements of. BS 4compliant intumescent passive fire protection products.

B wood and plastic covered composite and wood core fire doors rated up to . Fire Only seals Fro£1. Lorient Polyproducts – ALUSeal Specification. Technical References page 20. Additional Information page 21. Their fate wasalready sealed.

The captain watchedthe ship through his periscope, passing fire control . A slim-line, stop mounted compression seal incorporating an anodised aluminium carrier fitted with a fire rated silicone rubber gasket and non-shrink, click-fit . The contribution of fire and smoke doors to an effective fire safety strategy is. Unique dual seal provides continuous smoke and acoustic protection. The danger of fire and smoke.


Intumescent seals are a vital part of a fire door assembly, helping to defend buildings against the spread of fire. Smoke seals may be included subject to the conditions contained within the relevant CERTIFIRE.