Leaded window supplies

Stained Glass Lead Came and lead -free came, tools and supplies including came benders and chop saws. Learn the basics of leaded glass construction. Your number one source for stained glass supplies. We supply all the stained glass.

Revered for leaded stained glass windows. Supplier Tempsford Stained Glass.

The lead came used by the true professional. This price list represents our efforts to assemble all the tools and related materials for the stained glass worker. Equipment for Etched Glass , Sandblasted Glass , Glass Painting. UK suppliers of stained glass materials and stained glass tools and glass for restoration of leaded windows and stained glass windows.

We stock thousands of stained glass supplies. Apply with a stiff brush into the gap between the glass and lead came. Lead came is the soft metal in between all those pretty pieces of glass in a church window. Smaller windows , panels and suncatchers usually use copper foil .

These adhesive-backed strips of real lead can be attached to glass to make it look like a leaded glass window. This stuff is handy for a quick repair, or to fake . Cascade Metals Lead Came is excellent for framing or strengthening your stained glass. Stained glass supplies and fusing supplies at low prices. Anything you need from glass , tools and supplies to books, patterns and mosaics.

If you are just beginning in stained glass or an expert we can help with all your glass requirements, You Are Welcome To visit our workshop By Appointment. With a wide range of colours and widths our lead profiles give so many creative options for doors, windows , cabinets and craft applications in both interior and . To be proficient in any craft or hobby the proper tools are essential. From basic tools: glass cutters, pliers, soldering . The terms stained glass and art glass are interchangeable — they are both used to describe types of glass. NEED REPAIRS DONE ON STAINED GLASS OR LEADED WINDOW ,. ALWAYS AVAILABLE SUPPLIES FOR THE HOBBYIST AND GLASS STUDIOS.

General stained- glass tools and supplies. The following tools are needed for both copper-foil and lead -came projects: Basic drafting supplies : These supplies. Ray-Bar Engineering offers superior quality X-ray lead glass in over standard sizes to meet your X-ray and radiation shielding needs.

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