Instant leak repair

Seal virtually any leak with the Hippo Patch. Whether you have a leak in your drain pipe , pool or rain gutter, Hippo Patch will surely ? Then let Hippo Patch fix them. This amazing patent-pending product is a visco-elastic sealing compound.

After applying Perma-Seal, the surface becomes impervious to humidity, mold and fungus. Perma-Seal aerosol instant leak repair is fast drying and will NOT .

Sick and tired of repairing the same leak over and over? Use Hippo Patch to permanently stop leaks in everything from rain gutters to roof flashing. No curing time is required.

HippoPatch is a peel and stick product. It will seal the leak immediately. Stop leaks quickly and permanently, indoor and out, with USA-made Hippo Patch. Simply cut it to size neede peel off liner and apply.

No mixing or curing time.

Leak Bog is arguably the most versatile leak repair compound on the market. A leaking cooling system can cost you a lot of time and money to fix , and it puts you at risk of a major engine. You can fix leaks that are under water. Emergency Water Stop cures under water — or out of the water. Will probably last about a season . This product can seal virtually any leak on any surface, from canvas and nylon to rubber, plastic and . Seals leaks and makes permanent, high strength repairs.

Products for Leak Repairs – Please scroll down to view items. A AC Line Leak Repair costs between $0. Get an instant estimate for your car and book a certified mechanic to perform the service at . The Patented Kibosh Pipe Repair is an instant and simple to use repair clamp for leaking metal, plastic and multilayer pipes.

It is re-useable, can withstand . The Kibosh Rapid Pipe Repair tool can instantly fix your pipes enabling you to find the stopcock and drain the system minimising . Free delivery and returns on all eligible orders. Just spray it on and walk away. Leaking pipes can caused thousands of pounds of damage if not quickly repaired.

Free Shipping, Cash on Delivery . Recommended for Metal, Asphalt,.

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