How to repair a scratched cd

How to Fix a Scratched CD. A scratched movie is no good when it comes time for date night. Luckily, there are several ways to fix a scratched DVD or CD. Each of these household ingredients will help rid your DVDs and CDs of small scratches.

Use a Little Bit of Toothpaste to.

Learn more about how to repair scratches on a cd. There are several tricks that have proven helpful in getting scratched CDs and DVDs back to playable condition. Be aware that these tips will help the disc play.

Your music collection may have a few discs that are too scratched to be played. Before you consign them to the bin, there are a few . A few scratches here and there and they can easily become coasters on your table. CD and DVD are fragile media.

Varun wrote an article a while back on how to repair damaged CDs and briefly mentioned using toothpaste.

Note: While there are a lot of home remedies available to fix a scratched disc, you must ensure that you have read the warnings on the disc, . DIY cost 97p: for a lint-free cloth. CDs , white toothpaste and metal polish. Disc Scratches Peanut butter might not be the first thing you think of to clean or fix scratched CDs and DVDs. But the oils in peanut butter help to . With time, scratches may occur all . Smudges, Fingerprints or Dirt . Some folks swear by Brasso. A few weeks ago, we published an article describing several techniques to help you repair a scratched CD or DVD.

Pinner says: I just did this and it WORKS! And it was a bad DVD before hand. Ben Hayes at om3ga has discovered a way to save your scratched CD – guess what?

At first, he experimented different things – such as using water, deodorant,. There are kits and even some household products that consumers have used with varying success. This is a guide about repairing scratched CDs and DVDs. Ideal for discs that are skipping .

We love the library, but the downfall to their wide variety of educational movies? I would say using nail polish to fix a scratch might make the cd unreadable. I have found that clear nail polish can fix a cracked cd though. I hate it when we have sat down for a nice evening movie and then…it happens.

Find solutions here to fix and repair a scratched , corrupted and damaged CD or DVD disc without losing data.