How to repair a polytunnel

If the tear is too big to attempt to repair in any way at all – even . I have a 30ftx 10ft polytunnel on my allotment and i have noticed that there are puncture holes in the roof above the ridge. Metre long roll of polytunnel and other garden structure repair tape, perfect for cracked glass and rips in polythene. Polythene repair tape is excellent for repairing tears in polythene sheets on polytunnels , cloches and can.

Welcome You to discover a easy way to repair your high tunnels. Enjoy this video tutorial From Chris Hilgert.

General repairs carried out to make the polytunnel usable and some tomato seeds planted undercover. Special polythene repair tape is clear, colourless and designed by us to. And keep a roll of repair tape on hand and repair Any small damage as soon as it happens.

My poly tunnel bit the dust last Wednesday too. UV resistant with high tack acrylic adhesive. The UVI (ultra violet inhibitor) factor in repair tape should allow it . At Dplant Horticulture we supply a range of polytunnel accessories and parts that can be used to repair , extend or strengthen your polytunnel. You can get special repair tape (like a really tough sellotape but in green and very thick and resilient).

Repair Tape is available.

The polytunnel is about years old and probably needs replacing. Where the plastic is around the metal door frame it has seperated so is . Just cut the plastic door off and fix it to the new door which is hung . All weather repair tape for polytunnel film. A transparent polythene polytunnel and greenhouse repair tape used for repairing small tears and holes in polytunnel polythene film. Dunno what a polytunnel is, but it sounds like the high-tunnel type of . A suitable range of heavy duty polytunnel anchorage kits, spare parts and repairs. In addition, anti hotspot tape, ground pegs and frame covers are also . Fix polytunnel tears and rips, extend products shelf life, saves money!

The tape is polythene, so it is flexible. Storm Imogen damaged two of our polytunnels , which have large tears in the covers. We can supply all of your polytunnel repair and upkeep materials in the Kerry area. Professional grade polythene repairing tape.

Highly adhesive, UV and weather resistant for longer life. Polytunnel doors were forced open by the sheer strength . Specially designed for repairing tears in polytunnels and. POLYTHENE REPAIR TAPE – This tape will enable you to effectively repair any . Green Living Concepts are suppliers manufacturers of Poly Tunnels based in Galway.

Supplied in meter rolls. Anti-Hotspot Tape is an adhesive tape which is stuck to the tube and help.