Double push panic button

Provides a modern and neat solution where a double push latching panic button is required. The PA microswitch is normally closed and will open only when . The KPis a double end push latching panic button. Jun CQR offer the market leading range of hold up devices.

Available in White, Stainless Steel, Brass or Stainless.

Free Delivery on orders over 5. Panic Button (Dual Push). The single double push panic buttons are compatible with all HKC wired and hybrid panels. Traditional (Wire) – Ensure no jumpers are fitted. Use all four terminals as marked.

Supervised (EOL) – Fit the appropriate jumpers for the control panel . They have a latching function and are easy to install.

Specifications: Dimensions : 91mm x 63. The Inovonics double -button water-resistant pendant transmitter is our smallest, . Instant security wherever you need it. The Premier Elite PA DP-W wireless panic button combines . This two-finger operated panic button will provide protection from outside attack. The unit features a tactile tamper switch which will trigger if the front cover is . Operation Method: Dual Push Button . A panic alarm is an electronic device designed to assist in alerting somebody in emergency.

The trigger could be a push button, electronic money clip, a foot rail , or a number of other things. Either the person under duress or a witness can . Residential users can discourage . Double Push Hold Up Device. Compatible with all security alarm systems.

Vous voulez recycler votre appareil électrique ou électronique gratuitement ? Press and hold the SOS push button until the indicator light starts blinking.

When double pressed: quickly (within 5msec.) double. SINGLE PUSH PANIC BUTTON. Latching comes complete with release key (packed inside the unit).

Activates your burglar alarm in case of . DOUBLE PUSH PERSONAL ATTACK BUTTON. W: 180mm H: 306mm D: 58mm. FPRESETTABLE CALL POINTS.