Discovery 1 repair panels

We have Bumpers, Body Parts, Axle Repair , Mudflaps and Brackets, Grille and . LAND ROVER DISCOVERY REAR MUD FLAPS AND BRACKETS FULL KIT. Enough materials to refinish a pair of sills or a combo of other repair panels. The best land rover discovery parts available at John Craddock.

BODY REPAIR PANELS Please click thumbnails for more. Sub category: Panels – Repair.

FRONT INNER WING REPAIR PANELS. These repair sections are ideal if your wheel arch needs only slightly . Get a huge range of Body and Chassis online today at a price . Here you can see the repair panel welded in place. Discovery Repair Panels. Front Door Repair Section LH.

This is the panel that sits between the wheel arch and the centre boot floor panel. An aftermarket replacement . No need to replace the complete floor this is a repair section for the front third of the floor (full width and 400mm deep).

The rear or centre sections are also . Land Rover sunroof leak repair and bedliner for the. Regardless of the cause, we have the replacement body parts for the repair. All these are unuse they do have scratches and surface rust from storage in places, nothing major.

Now knowing that a) they would write him off based on repair costs and b) the car looked a. And also buy come new panels for the inner wing. BULKHEAD FULL VENT REPAIR PANELS. I am in need of a replacement inner . Find Body and Chassis parts, including bumpers, quarter panels, door handles,. Having recently finished a cargo space aluminum shelf it was time to shift to a more . I used the sill replacement panels from froggats they have an e-bay shop as well good quality steel though as mentioned seam weld all parts . Just under a year ago, my.

With the bumper off, the back panel looks surprisingly rot free. Left side still good driver side needs repair. Both, In stock, Out of stock . Rub a bit of sandpaper along the flat edges where the arch panel joins the rest of the shell and you will be able to see the spot welds more . All done and repaired the door pillar base too. Next I thought I should do the boot floor as it was bad and I had the panel in my stores as I knew .