Cleaning skylight windows

Skylights allow natural light into the rooms in our homes. Welcome additions in homes with too few windows , they are stylish ways to open up . Tips for cleaning and caring for a skylight. Do not clean with window cleaning fluids or strong solvents such as gasoline, denatured alcohol, carbon . Looking after your VELUX window will ensure a longer lasting product.

Get tips on cleaning your window. Many skylights tilt inwards, making cleaning them from the inside fairly. In cleaning terms, think of your skylight as a mirror rather than a window and clean it as . Learn how to clean and take care of your VELUX roof windows with our handy guide. Skylight cleaning once in every six months is a part of its maintenance. Functionally, skylights serve the same purpose as regular windows.

For best avoid cleaning skylight during the hottest part of the day. Begin by soaking the skylight glass with a clean water and soap solution loosening .

Just like any other window in your home, regular cleaning and periodic inspection of the rooflight is recommended to maintain their performance over time. Could you recommend some tips for cleaning a skylight ? One way to clean a skylight is to climb onto the roof and clean your skylight while. Perhaps it is those pesky skylights you have set your sights on. Whichever hard to reach window you are trying to clean , the problem is the . My arms are nowhere near long enough to clean the outsi. We recommend a mil non-abrasive glass cleaning solution for skylights.

Our window cleaning service is performed by professional technicians. They will remove your window screen, wet and scrub the . EnduroShield helps keep glass cleaner for longer between cleans. Southwest Ultra Clear offers spot-free mirror cleaning and skylight window cleaning for both residential and commercial properties in the Las Vegas area. Clean water will normally be . VELUX and Solstro roof windows demand very little maintenance, but looking after your window will ensure a longer lasting product.

As the world leader in roof windows and skylights , we stand behind our . Recently I cleaned the skylights of a local two-story, metal roof home. These glass skylights may be cleaned with mild soap and water or a special glass cleaner like Windex or Sparkle.

Never use an abrasive cleaner and avoid the . High reach skylight cleaning. Also call for roof cleaning , gutter cleaning or pressure washing. Family owned and operated.