Catnic cn5x

Typical application showing CN5X box profile lintel in 100mm wall. Remove wall below existing windows and form new door openings maintaining existing lintels over. Upgrade existing garage floor (see spec). Dryline garage wall with 100mm . Delivery and collection is available nationwide to all customers.

Surface water is to fall to rainwater gutters to match existing, discharging into front and rear . Minimum width 850mm overlap not less than . ALL ELECTRICAL WORK TO BE INSTALLED . SB 0 CN5X , CN6X, CN10 CN10 5. Velux roof windows (sizes to be agreed) on double rafters. Thisconversionchartdoesnottakeloadingintoaccount. Widen existing opening allowing double doors to specified finish. Retain stable type door -glazed doors internally. Where CN5X type lintels are specdfled these are to be box lintel set back to back,.

CN5X lintel carrying internal skin and wall plate with CN 7. EXB140H EXB200H SB100HD SB100HD SB140HD SB200HD CN6X CN5X , . CN5X Lintel supporting first floor.