Bouncy castle seam repair

Fix a leak in an inflatable bounce with a vinyl repair kit. Unfortunately, with boisterous play, the seams sometimes spring a leak, and this causes the device to slowly collapse. Holes in seams are the most common occurrence when repairs need to be done on jumping castles.

This is often due to the continuous . Bounce houses can fail along the seams or from some type of damage.

I need to repair and clean an inflatable bouncer in Illinois. This video shows a common repair that we do: repairing a torn seam on an inflatable. If you have a torn seam on your bounce house , we can . My tear was on the seam of slide section of an indoor nylon bounce house. There was enough of the patch to place one on the . See how we repaired a large rip in a high traffic area of this moonwalk.

You can find out more about our. Even though it is possible for your commercial inflatable bounce house to become damage there is no need.

Sit back and watch WaBounceHouse. Matt Walters as he teaches. Schedule a repair with us, and we can have your inflatable repaired in one day.

With all the fun and excitement that comes with playing on a bounce house there is a downside as. Seam tears are a common repair made to bounce houses. Jumping castles are a great source of entertainment for children of all ages,. Reinflate the bounce and check the repair for leaks with another . When I hose it down I that it leaks air at alot at most of the seams. Bounce House and Inflatable Repair and Supplies.

Is there a way to fix this? Need to repair your water slide? Have a seam loose on your bouncy castle ? Did a customer damage your inflatable combo unit?

Most small repairs can be fixed . Before your start to inflate the inflatable bouncer, you need to . Patching or stitching it can repair our jumping castle.

These will in no way affect the function of the bounce house. Often times for mattress repairs, extra strengthening of the seams is . Nylon Thread – along with needles, thread is used to repair seams and patches. Something in your house , on your car, in the yard or wherever. Contains patches (8×8) of . On and off site repairs and pipa testing of all inflatables and bouncy castles , both.

WARNING: Repair patches must be applied by an adult only. Children should bounce away from others, and stay away from. Airflow through seams is.