Windowcare resin repair

A solvent free, two component product based on specific modified epoxy resins. Repair Care stands for total solutions for sustainable timber restoration and maintenance. Not only do we have a wide range of quality products for joinery repair.

Elastic repair compound for fast timber repairs and splicing. WINDOWCARE SYSTEMS-MAKING RAPID CURE REPAIRS WITH DRY FLEX 1. Windowcare Systems wood repair system DRY.

Window Care Systems epoxy resin repair system allows insitu repairs to be carried out to any timber affected by wood decay. This is a important factor especially . Traditional prior to paint joinery repairs , such as splicing and . The Window Care Dry Flex System allows the repair of rotten. Wood decay removed with the Window Care Profi. Timbercare Nationwide Ltd are a specialist applicator of the Window Care System. Dry Flex system is based on two component expoxy resin which overcome . The Desowood Repair System offers a cost saving alternative to complete window.

Desowood quick – A Quick drying Repair Resin – (per 3ml set).

With our years of experience we have the solution to repair and treat wood windows. Taking care of the frames and lining will increase the longevity of your . When using epoxy resin avoid contact with skin and eyes. Redecoration and Repairs.

Good window care is vital for ensuring that you and your home stay. Formulated to expand and contract with timber substrates. The Repair Care System, originally established as the Window Care System in Holland in. Having used Repair Care – formerly window Care systems – for the last years.

The window care resin compound is red for one hour setting, . During preparation and sand. Guidance and best practice on the understanding, conservation and thermal upgrading of traditional windows. Is it possible to repair wood door frames. Wet rot repaired with window-care resin repair system and window fully re-painted.

The repair of damaged or rotting timber by splicing and the use of. The conventional epoxy resin based fillers are brittle and posess limited exterior durability. Sash Timber Window Care Repairs , Conservation and Renovation in Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey.

New Timbers Fixed with Window Care Resin.