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As nouns the difference between sill and cill is that sill is (architecture) (also window sill ) a horizontal slat which forms the base of a window or sill can be (uk) a . A window sill is the surface at the bottom of a window. A dictionary of architecture categorically defined the characteristics of a windowsill as:. Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

Definition of sill – a shelf or slab of stone, woo or metal at the foot of a window opening or doorway. A shelf or slab of stone, woo .

The oracle for the English language, the Oxford English Dictionary, lists cill as a variant spelling of sill. The book, A Dictionary of Architecture and Landscape . She said sill, I had cill. Overall depth of 250mm x 22mm thick.

Available in various lengths, selected from the drop down menu. Laminte wrapped around a . Bullnose Window Board Ideally suited for covering internal window bottoms. Our window cills, or sills, come in two main types.

The use of different types of window cill is dependent on the type of wall, the type of window.

I know for a fact that in England the correct spelling is window sill. Free delivery and returns on all eligible orders. Lengths and Width : 150mm (6). British a variant spelling (used in the building industry) for sill (def.

1), sill . Cill definition at Dictionary. We have a variety of window sills available online at BQ, from PVCu to pine. Construction (sash) Bottom rail Frame Sill ( cill ) Plan of single-light casement windows Figure 3. Passive Sills are produced from high density . This video covers victorian conservatory, edwardian conservatory, lean to and gable conservatory vts03_1(1) . Window sills are an integral part of any passive house. The main purpose of a sill is to cast water away from the . Slype, Ip, a passage between two walls, as at Winchester, and at New College, Oxford. We can supply a range of prefabricated brick window sill panels, usually using 140mm slips.

A horizontal slat which forms the base of a window. Usually spelled cill when used in the context of canal or river engineering. Shop with confidence on eBay!

Haddonstone architectural cast stone window sills are available in three standard designs for new build or . Guttecrest can fabricate aluminium window sills or cills, door jambs and head flashings to virtually any shape, size and profile.

Whether a simple aluminium sill. The FEB GRC reinforced fibreglass concrete window cill simply retrofits on top of the existing sill to provide the necessary clearance for external insulation. End Caps for a 150mm UPVC External Window Sill PVC Plastic Cill.

Satisfactory window performance demands a good product and proper installation. This Update presents from a recent study of sill . External UPVC window cills from Eurocell are scratch resistant and hard wearing whilst remaining.