Venetian blind cord cleats

FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Blinds – Shades – String. The final and most important step when installing your window blinds and shades is installing the cord cleat. Cord cleats allow you to wrap any excess cord out . All cleats and cord tidys for blinds need to be fixed to a solid surface using a screw and fixing suitable for the wall or .

We have Cord Cleats available in plastic, brass or steal, available in Bright Brass, Antique Brass, Nickel, Clear Plastic White Plastic and Tinted Plastic. Prevents cords tangling and suits all corded blinds. It ties the cord down for child and pet safety. These blind cleats are suitable to secure a blind cord (such as a loop cord on a venetian or roman blind ) to the wall.

The Cord Cleat is a replacement part designed for use in window treatment applications. This clear cleat blends in with many home decors. The standard applies to all internal blinds , such as (but not restricted to):. Keep your curtain and blind cords safe and secure with this durable Tribeca Oval Cord Cleat !

As a minimum, all of our blinds and curtains meet the European Standard BS. Attach cord cleats apart to the adjacent wall and wrap . Available for any blind type with free hanging cords , the cleat is a simple yet effective way of making blinds safe. It is attached to a nearby wall, within reach of the . Designed for use with venetian blinds , the Uni Wand combines tilting, raising and. When the blind is raise lift cords can be wrapped around the cleats. Make use of a cleat to assist in keeping blind cords tidy, free from dangling, and from getting tied in knots when the blind is opened.

Use to tie up blind pull up . Read our buying guide on blinds and blind cord safety law and legislation to. You can purchase cleats to attach to the wall and wrap the spare cord around. To reduce the possibility of such an accident, all cords must be kept out of the reach of children, including infants.

Clear Cord Cleat to keep cords from being a hazard. You can cut the blind cord to get rid of the loop and install tassels. Venetian blinds fitted in Teesside North Yorkshire. Keep the cords of your venetian blinds tidy with a cord tidy cleat.

The cleat can be fixed to the window frame or recess so that the excess cord can be . Do you know that window blind cords can be dangerous for your kids and pets?

Leeson said she had tied the cord to a cleat near the top. The cord must be fully accumulated . Regulators have been aware of the hazards of window cord blinds.