Up and over pulley rig

The the up and over rig is similar in design to the long and low rig. THE PULLEY RIG , sometimes called an up and over , is the ultimate rock rig for big fish taken at long range. There are a couple of variations of . Unlike a normal running leger rig, which allows a fish to pick up your bait and.

The pulley rig gives extra distance to your casting because your bait is. After all, powerful casting forces can spray poorly-tied baits all over the place. Also in the diagram you will note that I have used a number of beads to make up the rig.

This very cleverly designed rig is tied in such a way that for casting its clipped up so its actually quite aerodynamic, yet when it lands and opens out is some six . Our range of Cronus Sea Fishing Rigs features fifteen different ready made rigs so that all aspects of sea fishing are covered. All rigs are hand tied in the UK and supplied in a re-usable plastic rig packet. Sandmans Tackle Time UP AND OVER RIG FOR BEGINNERS. THIS WEEK ON SANDMANS TACKLE HE. Up and Over Live Bait Rig.

Self tensioning up and over rig intended to capture a small fish that becomes a live bait. Pulley Rig For Fishing Over Rocks And Ledges. The simple design ensures a reliable release! This rig is designed to be used over ground that requires the lead to be kept off the.

The swivel in the middle, which slides up and down, is how the pulley is . As with all rigs they are very flexible in design. Start off tying on a swivel to one of the ends. For the main line make it around inches in length.