Sticky back plastic book covering film

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Roll of 30cm x 1m Clear Transparent Book Covering Sticky Back Plastic Film. BOOK COVER FILM 69CMX25M EA, COVERING MATERIAL PVC 500MM X 25M.

Quick and easy way to back school books with clear sticky plastic covering. All you need is a roll of sticky. Self adhesive Glossy book covering film. Backing paper printed with a grid.

The book can be removed to . The Tenza Book Covering 500mmx1m roll is a self adhesive clear film ideal for protecting maps. Find great deals for Helix Self Adhesive Clear Sticky Back Plastic Book Covering Film 45cm X 10m.

Shop with confidence on eBay! Cut a section of book film the size of your book cover , plus two inches (5cm) in. Book Cover Clear Film Sticky Back Plastic Fablon Type Adhesive Choose Acid.

Blue AAcetate Sheets Transparent Clear OHP Craft Plastic Film (Sheets). How to Cover a Paperback Book With Clear Plastic Film. Want to save wear and tear on your favorite new paperback book ? Have an older paperback that needs. Micron Self-Adhesive – Clear Sticky – back Film.

As part of our new Sadipal range. Manufactured from micron polypropylene, this easy to . I cant believe I have a child at school who needs books covered in sticky back plastic. Cover Film Tiger Roll Clear Sticky Back Plastic Book Self-Adhesive High . We can produce Quality Roll . You will need clear sticky – backed plastic ( book covering film ) for this activity, some black paper, and some coloured tissue paper.

You do not have to make a tree . Self-adhesive book covering film ( sticky backed plastic ) – clear and repositionable on release paper in squares for accurate sizing.

Equivalent of 16gsmglue coverage, repositionable during application. This great sticky backed cover film will help preserve books and papers over a long time. There are literally hundreds if uses for sticky back plastic , from window privacy films to kitchen makeovers, craft projects to furniture up-cycling.

Bring a personal touch to decorating with sticky back plastic. Search through the Homebase range and find fantastic designs for quick to buy online now. Ideal for book covering , Helix Clearseal self adhesive covering 300mm x 3m.