Slam shut lock

Lock For wooden cupboards or tills Operation: Key operated cylinder outside. Slam shut Bolt: Sprung b. Straight Cupboard Rim Lock with Deadbolt . Push Button Latches have a push button opening and a slam shut action. They are single hole installation for added ease and suit various panel thicknesses.

It can be used in applications . HSM are paracentric keyed lever tumbler mechanical locks with dead latch for swinging doors. The locks are made of die-cast zinc alloy with steel . The general idea is that they lock when pushed shut. Demonstration of how the Winkhaus AV an automatic locking system works and the benefits of such a lock.

Standard sized Lever Safe Lock with brass latch bolt for slam shut operation. Each cabinet is secured by an electronic combination keypad with a slam . Property Key Vaults and Car Key .

SLAM LOCK – For super-fast instantaneous locking , slam locks activate the lock hooks as soon as the door is closed – no need to lift the handle . Convenient push button to open. Available keyed alike or keyed different. This unit will come standard . Free delivery on eligible orders of £or more. To open the door all that is required is a quarter turn of the key.

Before letting the steel door slam shut , he held the outer doorknob. Its stiffness told him it would lock behind him. That was Norman, I learn later. Not long after that — by the sounds — I come to the idea that everyone is being locked up. Comes complete with hardware for a quick and easy . Pull on strap (3) to lower door (2) then slam shut.

Ensure door (2) is locked by observing alignment of door surface with cargo shell surface side and bottom . The trims, fitments and locking mechanism for the door As far as the first one. Answer to Car doors are easy to slam shut but difficult to press shut by hand force. The door lock has two latches, the first easi.

Heritage automatic slam shut.

The aesthetics of a traditional rim latch, but incorporating the latest high security multipoint lock , which activates and locks the door . We have a range of van slam locks available for all types of commercial vehicle. It was a hot windy day in Omaha, Nebraska last week, with winds gusting mph. And one of those gusts apparently slammed a car door shut. Synonyms for shut at Thesaurus.

Find descriptive alternatives for shut. Designed to perfectly match into the . It is reassuring to know that our composite doors are arguably the most secure in the market, featuring insurance and police approved locking systems.