Rubber seal for renault clio sunroof

Shop with confidence on eBay! The best selling RENAULT CLIO Seal , sunroof replacement parts are available for your in original quality from our Seal , sunroof catagory. Part – Removing the sunroof glass, inner trim and rubber seal. Fit yourself easily or fitting and repair can be arranged UK.

The opening panel is not meant to form a totally watertight seal with the roof. The sunroof has a gasket type seal on they underside of the frame which .

Renault Clio Sunroof – NOT LEAKING! It has been in to the garage who replaced the rubber seal , however the . In-between the framework of the sunroof and the rubber seal they only put in a. Rubber Car Roof Door Gutter Seal Window Sunroof Cover . If you have an electric sunroof , you should be able to run it towards the rear the vehicle. Find great deals on eBay for sunroof seal and sunroof rubber seal.

Rubber seals around your door and sunroof are particularly prone to wear and tear as temperatures vary, and they can degrade quickly with age. Applies to most vehicles fitted with a tilting glass sunroof.

RN door with pop up sunroof. Was talking to a mechanic who used to work for renault he said the best . As is common the sunroof frame not sealing correctly with the roof I removed the. Bend the tang of a rat tail file and use it to hook out the old rubber sections, . Guys, Girlfriends sunroof on the clio has started leaking in.

Removed the glass from the sun roof and removed the rubber seal. Hello can anybody tell me where i can source a sunroof seal for my daughters KA thanks andy :D. Please turn to local auto parts store to find similar rubber strip, sunroof rubber seal is often U. The first thing is the sunroof leaks so think the seal needs replacing. Our Clio has leaked neither from the aerial or the sunroof however I. The rubber seal needs to come out and refitted the other way round.

Tesla tried to swap out the seal around the sunroof in the front. I took out the glass, removed and cleaned the rubber seal and poked soft wire down the . Stop frustrating leaks with our range of car door and roof seals. Pull off the rubber seal and give it a good clean and put it back 1Deg.

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