Roller blind cord safety clips

I am very dissapointed that this safety clip is so tiny and not at all suitable for chain roller blinds , only cords. It states there are two holes for a secure fitting but. Blind cord and beaded chain guides – Suitable for all blind types that have looped chains or cords.

If your blind has continuous loop chain that does not have connectors you will need to cut your chain. When in position and on roller blind the connector will .

Roller ,Vertical or Roman. CLIP -ON Roman Blind REAR CORD BREAKAWAY DEVICE. The child safety clip is designed for fitting onto an adjacent surface to the blind in order to eliminate a free hanging loop.

Read our buying guide on blinds and blind cord safety law and legislation to bring. Breakaway clips (roman blinds), Allow rear cords to safely detach should a child. The tragic news of a blind cord death has always met with such.

Fitting child safety clips on roller blinds.

Blind Cord Safety Advice from the British Blind. Cleats can be fitted to tie blind cords high up out of the reach of children. Tie up the cords or use one of the many cleats, cord tidies, clips or . Your BBSA member or approved Make it Safe dealer is: The British Blind and. A breakaway device on the cords of a roman blind.

To ensure your window blinds are child safe , Your Local Blind Man fully conforms. The device in this safety kit is only suitable if you have roller blinds with looped cords and wooden window frames. For other types of blinds, . Cord loops on roller blinds Venetian blinds and vertical blinds can cause. Are again child safe and come with an ingenious frame that clips into your window. Consumer Affairs Victoria have free curtain and blind cord kits that are suitable for roller blinds with looped cords and wooden window frames – please see . Just slip the chain or cord through the loop and fix to the . Cord Tidy for cord or chain to ensure child safetly.

Plastic, White Easy DIY installation. Blinds can also come with a separate cord tidy or tensioning safety system.

Increase Safety of Corded Window Coverings Using these tips. Control Chain Tensioner Safety Clip clear – for roller and roman blinds. Protect young children from dangerous dangling cords and loops. Any of our blinds that use cords or chains are delivered with child- safety devices.

Blinds and curtains with long, unsecured cords are a strangulation hazard for children. Diffusion will default to using breakaway connectors on the roller blinds it will supply.