Repair hole in bouncy castle

Patches – made out of PVC or vinyl (the same materials as bouncy castles ) and in a variety of bright colours, the patches cover up any holes in the bouncy castle. Found 24th Can anybody recomend whot is the best glue to use for putting a patch on me . Repairing PVC bouncy castles with PVC glue. Alpha Adhesives, we offer a range of adhesive solutions for repairing tears, rips, and holes in inflatables. Jumping castles are a great source of entertainment for children of all ages, but like anything to do with lively play, the seams can sometimes .

Discover how you can instantly repair tears and holes in your. Vinyl tears to our Bounce Houses ( Jumping Castles ), Inflatable Slides, Water . Get the Instant Vinyl Repair Patch for any inflatable Bouncer House or Jump. Quick repair patch provides a simple and easy method of patching holes and tears. If you have bought a good bouncy castle for an upcoming party based on. Sit back and watch WaBounceHouse.

Matt Walters as he teaches. With our vinyl repair tape you can repair any holes or tears in your bounce houses in minutes.

Tear-Aid Vinyl Inflatable Repair Kit, Yellow Box Type B. We borrowed a bouncy castle from friends and they asked us to repair a hole in return for using it. Image_medium I am looking for adhesive for Jumping castle fabric. Patching holes with the same fabric.

Submitted: 08:48AM, Answer: Hi Andrew. Action Adhesives offer expert advice on bouncy castle repair glue. Each of our jumping castles or water slides comes with a patch kit that can be used in most cases as a repair patch , most often you will find this is quite fast and.

How to Carry Out Minor Cosmetic Repairs. But, if your inflatable is in need of . Bouncy Castle (of commercial strength) are extremely robust. Holes in seams are the most common occurrence when repairs need to be done on jumping castles.

Over the past years we have gained an enormous wealth of . This is often due to the continuous . Here are some of the services we provide: Repair of holes Re-stitch of inflatable beds. A company that repairs your jumpers, inflatables, moonwalks, slides, advertising balloons. We sell repair kits and repair supplies.

Professional-grade repair adhesive for PVC boats Long-lasting repair of holes , seams, tears and cuts.

You should know how to fix your bounce house if it develops a tear or. The material around the original tear will pull apart, causing an even bigger hole. No need to despair, if your bouncy castle gets a small hole in it, this handy repair. I got this to fix a fist size hole in a corner of a bounce house.

Followed the instructions to the letter this stuff is very sticky so have a plan before hand on how you . We fix almost all types of jumping castles from cuts, bubbles and holes. We can provide you with some dexterous jumping castle repair solutions!