Push catches for wardrobe doors

Used on lightweight applications like cupboards, wardrobes and other furniture types, to hold the furniture door closed. Cupboard catches come in a variety of . Sliding doors , folding doors, tambour doors. Span available finishes Black White.

Push catch , With magnet. Mini Roller Tip Touch Latch – Pack 5.

In addition to regular catches and latches, special tension catches , compression latches, and push knob latches are . Pressure catches are also known as push catches or push to open catches. Roller catches and ball catches for use on internal doors and cupboards. Diameter Closet Door Ball Catch. How to make push opening wardrobe doors. If you want handleless “ push to open” doors there are three elements you need: A push.

Door catch that uses a magnet to hold the door in a closed position. Its magnetic pull closes.

Strike, for magnetic push catches product photo. Items – Featuring a variety of cabinet catches and latches for a variety of applications including cabinet catches , cabinet. Rotary Knuckle Catch For Overlay Doors – Pulling Force 31. High Quality◇Fast Post◇6kg Pull Strength◇UK Stock.

Magnetic Door Catch – Surface Mounted. Looking for a cupboard door lock or cabinet door catch View our range of catches including magnetic, fanlight, bales. Loft Hatch Touch Latch Catalogue p418. Must be used for all inset wardrobe and kitchen doors regardless . Single-sided push lock with an aperture for a rod – the rod allows additional catches at the top and . Conveniently to open and close the cabinet or cupboard door.

A touch latch requires no exterior hardware. When the cabinet door is touched just over the latch , a spring pops the door open enough so the lip can be grabbed. It has four cupboard doors on the outside.

Sylvan Roller Bolt Catch Antique Brass. This touch latch is invisible from the outside of the door. CATCHES , ELBOW CATCH , MAGNETIC CATCH , MAGNETIC PUSH. Hickory Hardware Magic Touch Latch.

All you want is a suitable little catch to keep your cupboard or wardrobe door closed securely and firmly.