Patio magic b&q

Hard surface cleaner that kills and controls green mould and algae. Concentrate long lasting, anti-bacterial disinfectant for the easy treatment, removal and prevention of green mould and algae on hard . It enables the easy treatment, . We stock a great range of products at everyday prices. Pressure-washing is messy and takes a surprising amount of time.

It often roughens surfaces, thereby encouraging rapid algal re-growth. Garden concrete paths and flagstone paving will soon. Make some magic happen in the garden this year – yes, it really can be that easy. Available from Pat McDonalds, Batchelors Quay, Cork (or Centre Park Road). In addition they are apt to have . Deck and Fence Magic (click here to buy) is specifically designed for.

Anyone had a similar problem and found a solution?

Thankyou very much – please . We supply trade quality DIY and home improvement products at great low prices. Net -Trol looks like the magic product I need. Net-Trol to rescue his new patio. BQ Located within the grounds of the Old.

Patio Magic – B Q – YBW. I used a brush rather than roller! Douse your deck or patio with this hard-working solution. Miracle Gro Patch Magic Lawn Feed 0. And this magic combination of performance and cost plus the benefits . Order online at Screwfix. An outdoor cleaner which removes general grime from outdoor pathways and patios.

Cleans, sanitises and reduces mould and . EASYJoint sweep in, all weather, paving compound available in colours of grout. Rain or shine it goes in fine. How to joint a patio the easy way, 12.

Had a patio put down two years ago, trouble is it get a green slime like mould on it. Create a Magical Harry Potter Interior Scheme.