Mini cooper s water pump replacement cost

The parts and labor required for this service are. MINI Mini Water Pump Replacement cost. This setup is a bit different than most cars where the water pump is. In this article I will describe how to replace the water pump on your MINI Rengine.

Mini want £1labour so would rather do it myself if easy enough job to. As a result of the water pump failure, the engines overheated and stalled in.

Mini RWater Pump Replacement. MINI Cooper S R53: Replacing the thermostat and gasket. Recently I detected a fluid leak and. I was told that in order to replace the water pump almost the . MINI customers are to be offered a free replacement water pump in a . Mini Cooper maintenance costs are in line with other performance cars.

Contact us for a MINI water pump replacement cost estimate. Head Gasket( s ) Replacement – Mini Hatch 1.

My engine (fairly new) is making a hissing soun water leak from the front I have. I recently had a coolant change at a MINI dealership for my out of. A Water Pump Replacement costs between $259. BMW will replace the water pump free of charge on the Mini.

American Cooper S and John Cooper Works models built . Owners of recalled vehicles will be asked to bring their Mini model to the nearest dealer for a free water pump replacement. BMW relies on the uninformed to shoulder the costs when the timing. Norfolk Cars have the knowledge to diagnose and replace broken Roof Cables. We do not cover the cost of labor.

So I was wondering if anyone has any first hand experience as to how much it costs to have a water pump replaced at the dealer? The wifes Mini cooper s has developed a cooling problem. Replaced my waterpump after Xmas cos it was knackere it made an awfull noise so was easy to identify.

Then the water pump , which should cost about £30. Timing chain and water pump replacement. Mini fans Robin and wife Rosie, 3 of Milngavie, near Glasgow, purchased the £ 10RCooper S. The cost of replacing the fuel pump will run to £600.

Tesco deny they are at fault. Hey, The average cost power steering pump cost is between $3to more.

This car has had the water pump changed twice, thermostat housing . The water pump on both generations of Mini is a fairly common occurrence and if . Anyway this car has steering wheel issues that will cost you thousands of dollars. Aftermarket replacement water pump. Shipping cost is a little much. How much does Water Pump Replacement cost ? Get an estimate instantly.

Your order may be eligible for Ship to . The final tow to and from Bill Jacobs MINI will cost more than that.