Metal lintel above window

Above most windows and doors you will have some form of lintel. Commonly these are brick lintels, steel lintels or concrete lintels. Using Helical Bars for lintel. If you need to fix a blind or curtain rail into a window recess this will probably. Usually a small gap is left above a window or door frame, to ensure.

Brickwork should have mortar packing between brick steel lintel – A . If its a metal lintel , use a masonry drill to cut through the brick . Condensation on Steel Lintel – Page – Homes. Lintels above Windows – How important are they. Best drill bits for drilling steel lintels – Page 1. Drill bit for putting up blinds – Page – Homes. DIYnot Forums https://www.

Are the steel angles irons over your windows causing cracks? A common masonry repair is steel lintel replacement. As a home ages the steel lintels (the support for the brick work above an opening) . Lots of homes in our area have brick or stone walls with steel lintels. My contractor is suggesting we remove the bricks over the window , . Putting up blinds in a window recess with steel lintel In my home (includes DIY) MoneySaving.

Not able to drill holes above window frame for. Hanging a blind – hitting metal when drilling wall. No lintels above windows.