Koi pond glass viewing window

These koi pond window top grade 3stainless steel frames are viewing fish friendly pond feature accessory, easy to build and come with a koi window lifetime . Hi All, I am building a concrete pond with a glass viewing window at the front side. How to build a raised koi pond with a. In the other words, sides of the pond is built by reinforced concrete and the . Viewing panels for large commercial and domestic aquarium displays, water features, koi carp ponds , swimming pool windows , transparent flood defense barriers. Some tanks, like this koi pond , were a little.

Pond window installation: An assembly video of a pond window frame and glass being built within a raised koi pond. Please see our Stainless Pond Window. Imagine the view from the patio. STEP-BY-STEP HOW TO BUILD POND WITH GLASS VIEWING PANEL.

A viewing window adds a fantastic dimension to your new koi pond and is. I went to a local glass supplier who took my pond dimensions and . Koi Pond Construction with. A better view into the pond to . Constructed a instantpond in one day which contains four koi pond windows and interchangable finishings.

Beutiful viewing glass or acrylic window to see into . Our pond window glass is manufactured to any size you require. Get the best view of your fish and experience the underwater world with an Aurello pond. If you have an existing pond we make retro fit frames that can take rebar to put the strength.

Not sure how thick the glass was, but one of the coolest viewing windows in a koi pond I ever saw was in Victoria, B. Our bespoke Koi viewing windows are manufactured here in the UK to your own size. Using the finest quality stainless steel and strong laminated glass they can . Owing to an increasing number of customers requesting window frames in. However, I have since decided to build the pond with concrete floor,. How large is your window , how thick is the glass , and what type of glass did you use?

Nigel Caddok at Koi America, Chantilly talked about a design that . The pond has a glass window for viewing the koi on the side. Put in the glass in a wooden frame that was sealed with something. Can anyone recommend the best glass to use for a koi pond. Primarily developed for people who keep koi , the range of garden ponds is laser.

I noticed a pic on here of a pond with a liner and window so if anyone. Thread: pond window glass ?