Jali screen

A jali or jaali is the term for a perforated stone or latticed screen , usually with an ornamental pattern constructed through the use of calligraphy and geometry. Ornamental Panel Jali ( Screen ) Partition Designs can be used in countless projects. Hindi:जाली jālī , meaning net) is the term for a lattice screen made using fretwork, an interlaced decorative design that is either carved in low relief . Pierced Window Screen ( Jali ). Date: early 17th century.

Geography: Attributed to India.

Our designers and artisans at Mela are able to draw from a vast treasure chest . Store it in cabinets of all sizes and colours. You can find a piece of history in our special collection of handpicked teak cabinets from . The interior of the Delegation Building consists of an open atrium which is surrounded by two layers of screens known as jali screens. No coupon neede discount will show in cart. Jali Screen is off until Wednesday the 20th! Jalis are carved stone screens that divide the inside of a building from the outside , while still allowing air and light to pass through.

Jali with intricate geometric pattern. Second half of the 16th century Indian design.

This pair of palace jalis . The perforated white marble screens of jali (literally, a net) work represent the apex of this tradition. Quite a few jali screens from various mosques and . The Jali Designer allows you to design panels and grilles to your exact size and specification, with a choice of over a dozen different fretwork patterns and with a . It is the patterns that draw you close . At the jali screen , leaning against the pierced marble, the sisters snuggle. Heads touching, their hands caress each other through transparent silk. Similar to wooden window grilles that can be found in many parts of West Asia, Indian jalis are pierced . In a sense, they are equivalent to the Western pictorial frame because both the Western picture and the Islamic jali screen require the viewer to look at the planar.

In tandem with the industry quality norms, our . Those panels which form the part of . A decorative screen for architectural use, The Jali Collection has been designed with intricate decorations on pierced marble screens that can be used for . Manufacturer of Flour Mill Screen – KM Flour Mill Screen ( Jali ), KM Flour Mill Screen offered by Kishan Industries, Rajkot, Gujarat. Beautiful jali screen protecting the veranda from the sun. I want to model perforated Jali screen for a naturally ventilated building.