How to repair ps4 hdmi port

Replace Broken HDMI Port. The HDMI output to my PSrecently broke. The pins inside the PSjammed and broke off. These ports are very integral to the . We can get yours up and running quickly.

HDMI ports are one of our very common repairs. We install brand new, high quality parts. One more reason to make you send your console to us and not anybody else, we fix every problem with PSand PSnot just the HDMI connector so if there is . The most common PSproblems, and how to fix them.

Fast, quality and affordable repair with a six-month warranty included. Jungle Repair can diagnose and fix issues and faults of PSHDMI Port. For more details please read full description.

Blue light of death (BLOD) £40.

New Hard drive 5GB £65. Remember to disconnect the PSconsole My hdmi port is broken and needs repair. Playstation reball £60.

So then comes the dilemma, how do you connect your PSto the SDTV . PS: All PSand XBOX 1Repairs Available . It turns out that the fix was an easy one. What is a PSHDMI Port Repair ? PSHDMI Repairs carried out by Console Wizar we explain the symptoms and problems with the PSHDMI. I think repair might be too strong of a word. We offer video game console repair and installation services throughout the Bronx,. This service replaces your port.

Affordable PsHDMI Port Repair Sligo. Professional Console Repairs Ireland Wide. Electronic Repairs Irelan express Gaming Console . Bent pins in the HDMI socket or a loose connection ? Serving the UK from our base in York.

The price listed covers part(s), labor and the shipping price you pay covers return shipping costs.

Dropped off the PSon Monday at 11:(to have the HDMI Port replaced) told them that if . A new port is the right repair for you! I am from the UK, Got my PSin december and within a few weeks i started to get an error with the video output and. Each item has been checked and in good condition . We have had customers driving in from nearby .