How to repair a bouncy castle

However with the strain put on them by all the bouncing, the castle . How to Carry Out Minor Cosmetic Repairs. Bouncy Castle (of commercial strength) are extremely robust. But, if your inflatable is in need of . Jumping castles are a great source of entertainment for children of all ages, but like anything to do with lively play, the seams can sometimes .

Running a bounce house, jumping castle or any other amusement hire business where vinyl repairs are needed can be difficult at times. Repairing PVC bouncy castles with PVC glue. We believe we are the only company in the. Contains patches (8×8) of . This video tell you how to repair a jumping castle. Sit back and watch WaBounceHouse.

Matt Walters as he teaches.

An exclusive look inside the largest manufacturer of bouncy castles and inflatables. Here at BK Leisure repairs to all types of inflatables are a no-brainer. With ample years of experience of repairs and a . Each of our jumping castles or water slides comes with a patch kit that can be used in most cases as a repair patch, most often you will find this is quite fast and.

This is a guide about repairing an inflatable bounce house. Action Adhesives offer expert advice on bouncy castle repair glue. There are several ways you can repair a bounce house. If you have bought a good bouncy castle for an upcoming party based on small . Pertexa Inflatable Play . Hi, I dont have any dvice for you but i am looking for some if possible.

I am setting up a bouncy castle company. Any advice on what type and quality of castles to . BK Leisure provides a bouncy castle repair service throughout all of Ireland. With many years experience in the bouncy castle repair business, this Irish bouncy . We borrowed a bouncy castle from friends and they asked us to repair a hole in return for using it. This worked just like duct tape but the adhesive, which is .

I am looking for adhesive for Jumping castle fabric. A product such as our Urethane Bond or Ultra Repair Glue would be ideal in your . Based in North Devon, a professional repair service with over 25 . No need to despair, if your bouncy castle gets a small hole in it, this handy repair.