How to fix a hole in a tent

Yo Gear Guy, I just got back from summer camp and I had a blast, except for one thing: My tent got a hole in it. I was wondering if you know any good . For small rips in outdoor camping tents , use the repair tape to cover the rip. Learn how with these easy instructions , . Use both inside and outside the tent , making sure the tape amply covers the hole.

We take you through some steps to make tent fixing easier and not too tricky. Repairing Tent Holes and Tears with a strong self adhesive patch. A practical demonstration. This Gear Aid Tenacious Tape Hole Repair product is great for fixing tents ! Repair methods can vary from just a piece of duct tape, to a dolop. You can fix a hole in your tent several ways.

Follow these steps to breath new life into your old gear.

Tears or holes that are several inches wide or wider are usually too large for pre- cut patches or repair tape. Lay the tent on a har flat . Repair tent mesh in the field or at home with this handy DIY method. Fix It: Repair a Sleeping Bag Hole.

There are a number of products on the market that will work to fix small tears or holes in the tent the following is selection of some of. If this is not covered in the Vango Warranty . Family life on site can mean that tents take a hammering through the absolutely normal exuberance of youngsters. Nobody should expect kids . We have a great 20-year-old 14xEureka family tent. This summer a branch came down and tore a inch vertical rip in the tent.

Trampoline Mat Repair Kit – Repair Holes or Tears -Glue on Patches. Our handy guide to tent repair will give you the confidence to tackle rips, tears. The best way to fix burn holes is to sew a patch over them.

Many professional canvas sewers will fix damage to your tent or awning. When you get back home, or have time for a proper fix , sew the tent back together and add seam sealant to both sides (inside and out) of your repair. Get free delivery on orders over £50.

How to patch a hole in a tent. This is a simple task, and there are lots of products available to create a permanent waterproof fix. The only thing you need to know .