How to fix a hole in a bouncy castle

Patches – made out of PVC or vinyl (the same materials as bouncy castles ) and in a variety of bright colours, the patches cover up any holes in the bouncy castle. Jumping castles are a great source of entertainment for children of all ages, but like anything to do with lively play, the seams can sometimes . Found 24th Can anybody recomend whot is the best glue to use for putting a patch on me . Holes in seams are the most common occurrence when repairs need to be done on jumping castles. This is often due to the continuous .

Discover how you can instantly repair tears and holes in your. Vinyl tears to our Bounce Houses ( Jumping Castles ), Inflatable Slides, Water . Repairing PVC bouncy castles with PVC glue. First of all, cut the repair patch extending mm . Now there is about a four inch hole along the seam.

Image_medium I am looking for adhesive for Jumping castle fabric. Patching holes with the same fabric. Submitted: 08:48AM, Answer: Hi Andrew.

Sit back and watch WaBounceHouse. Matt Walters as he teaches. This video tell you how to repair a jumping castle. If you have bought a good bouncy castle for an upcoming party based on. Get the Instant Vinyl Repair Patch for any inflatable Bouncer House or Jump.

Quick repair patch provides a simple and easy method of patching holes and . THE NEEDLE THROUGH THE FABRIC of the lip to hold it together. Action Adhesives offer expert advice on bouncy castle repair glue. Tear-Aid Vinyl Inflatable Repair Kit, Yellow Box Type B. We borrowed a bouncy castle from friends and they asked us to repair a hole in return for using it. Bouncy Caslte Patch Repair Kit for all Bazoongi and Jumpking bouncy castles.

No need to despair, if your bouncy castle gets a small hole in it, this handy repair. Bouncy Castle Repairs Thank you for taking the time to view our inflatable. Each of our jumping castles or water slides comes with a patch kit that can be used in most cases as a repair patch , most often you will find this is quite fast and.

Not a bouncy castle so much as a bouncy water slide. Here are some of the services we provide: Repair of holes Re-stitch of inflatable beds. I got this to fix a fist size hole in a corner of a bounce house.

Followed the instructions to the letter this stuff is very sticky so have a plan before hand on how you . They allow you to track cleaning and repairs which may help for resale,. This worked just like duct tape but the adhesive, which is . We fix almost all types of jumping castles from cuts, bubbles and holes.