How much does a new timing belt cost

Get an estimate instantly. Your definitive guide to . What affects the price of a new timing belt ? Labor is entirely dependent on the car. I could do a Toyota Supra timing belt in under an hour.

Front wheel drive cars are typically much more trouble.

We discuss what a timing belt is, how it works, and why it costs so much to repair. The timing belt is a critical component in the modern-day motor vehicle. It is designed to keep the camshaft. I was quoted £4for the Laguna.

That includes hours labour ( does it take that long), a Gates timing belt kit at about . Learning about what belts do and when they should be replaced will help you in keeping your. Many car owners may wonder how often to replace a timing belt. Timing Belt Replacement costs between $3and $7on average.

The majority of the cost of belt or water pump replacement is the labor.

If it has begun to stretch, or is coated in oil, a new belt is advisable. How often should the timing belt on a BMW be replaced? The cost of replacing the timing belt. Everett, WA New , Klein Honda in Everett sells and services Honda vehicles in the greater Everett.

I need to put my husbands car in for a timing belt replacement whilst he is not using. So how much should I be looking at. New CommentSubscribe Save for later. Yep worth getting water pump as well, should not cost any extra labour just . Performing a timing belt change is a routine or scheduled maintenance item.

We will confirm the recommended replacement interval and correctly install a new timing belt. Is it needed at this mileage and if so how much should the repair cost. If you do not, you are setting yourself up for disaster, plain and simple. How much does it cost to replace?

The cambelt, also known as the timing belt , is one of the most crucial bits. And unlike new brakes or other replacement parts, you may not notice .