Hawke side focus wheel

Target Wheel Type (50mm). Produced using high grade aluminium. SIDE FOCUS Acquire razor-sharp focus and correct parallax error from yards to infinity. Available with the following reticles. Home of custom scope focus sidewheels, elevation turrets, and.

I have really become attached to the side focus wheel on my Sidewinder 30. Free delivery and returns on all eligible orders. All models supplied with sunshade . A inch mono-tube chassis, the Endurance SF ( side focus ) range of scopes includes three red-illuminated reticle designs and a side focus wheel for parallax.

Nasce la nuova serie Garima Velic: BLADE Grazie alla sua forma, BLADE sviluppa un diametro. Free Lens Covers, Free Sunshade, and Free Detachable Parallax Wheel ! The Sidewinder features a side focusing system designed to parallax. Extreme accuracy is achieved with a precise side focus wheel with smooth operation, ensuring the image can be focused so that it is parallax free at all . A patented adjustment design lets you connect an over sized side wheel to correct.

The premarked inch side focus wheel is also a real treat. This high magnification side focus riflescope is designed to meet the very specific. I will have to modify the focus wheel to give me clearance to load. We are closing this store (only the store cart) and relocating to our main. Patented removable side wheel , with . This high quality scope features a side rheostat, coil erector spring, fast focus eye piece, 100mm side wheel for parallax adjustments,.

HAWKE AIRMAX 30SF IR 4-16)large side wheel lens covers sun shades . Ford Focus ST Hatchback for sale in Oak Lawn at Hawk Ford of Oak. ABS), side seat mounted airbags, curtain 1st and 2nd row. Side focus control for parallax.

ABS), integrated navigation system, side.