Hairline crack

A hairline fracture , also known as a stress fracture, is a small crack or severe bruise within a bone. I often hear the term hairline crack. How wide and deep is such a crack?

The condition can often happen to athletes. Stress fracture of the second metatarsal bone1.

English dictionary definition of hairline crack. I was worried about a hairline fracture , but luckily it was just a bad lump. The specialist he consulted on Monday diagnosed a hairline . Basically Fracture is a medical condition in which there is a damage in the continuity of the bone (or can say any crack of break in bones). Is this considered a hairline crack ? SUBSCRIBE TO THE NEWSLETTER.

Non-structural cracks— hairline cracks —however, are more common in most homes and are sometimes unavoidable. They tend to surface near .

Improve the finish of your painting project by preparing well before you begin. Am J Respir Crit Care Med. Fine crack which may be found on the braking surface of a drum or disc and which can spread as a result of thermal or . Pas Reform Academy advises not to set hairline – cracked eggs, for this reduces hatchability and in increased mortality rates.

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Abstract: A surface-breaking hairline crack or a narrow slot in a metallic specimen when scanned by an open-ended rectangular waveguide probe influences the . Like windshields, car windows are highly susceptible to nicks, scratches, and hairline cracks. Bluestar Flexible Concrete Crack Filler (LIGHT GRAY).

Hairline crack on my RCA Viking Pro.