Glass for koi pond window

This koi pond window and frame comes complete with tubes of Aquamate silicon, plastic packers to centralize glass and full fitting instructions. Hi All, I am building a concrete pond with a glass viewing window at the front side. How to build a raised koi pond with a. In the other words, sides of the pond is built by reinforced concrete and the . At Pond Image, We specialize in different types of water feature and landscaping for your viewing and selection. For design and construction we have the vast .

Hi all sorry havent been on for a bit i will be going through the new builds again ,, ok i have a question i currently work a window place they said . STEP-BY-STEP HOW TO BUILD POND WITH GLASS VIEWING PANEL. We offer a variety of Pond Window glass thicknesses. Koi Pond Construction with.

Owing to an increasing number of customers requesting window frames in. If you have an existing pond we make retro fit frames that can take rebar to put the strength. Primarily developed for people who keep koi , the range of garden ponds is laser.

Our pond window glass is manufactured to any size you require. Not sure how thick the glass was, but one of the coolest viewing windows in a koi pond I ever saw was in Victoria, B.

Custom stainless steel window frames and other accessories for Koi ponds. This is a frame grab from a video uploaded by algesolution in showing a temperature-controlled koi pond designed by Koiland. Filter chamber is part of the main tank of 600mm x . Most Koi ponds I have ever seen were plastic molded or a hole lined.

Our bespoke Koi viewing windows are manufactured here in the UK to your own size. Using the finest quality stainless steel and strong laminated glass they can . Imagine the view from the patio. I am at the planning stage of building a formal koi pond. If the window was 24xany idea how thick the glass would need to be?

Although very costly and more suited to the high end market, glass windows and features add an unequalled dimension and exclusivity where design practically . Large koi pond with pond window frame and glass. Life time gaurentee 3stainless steel frames containing glass windows. Constructed a instantpond in one day which contains four koi pond windows and. Put in the glass in a wooden frame that was sealed with something.

I noticed a pic on here of a pond with a liner and window so if anyone.