Gel coat scratch repair

Surface scratches can be buffed out of gelcoat with polishing compoun but deep scratches must be filled. The reason being is that . If you notice any chips, scrapes or gouges in the gelcoat exterior of your boat , it is important to fix the damage asap, especially if the damage exposes the . This will become the mixing palette on which to colour-match the gel coat. Go over the area with 000-grit abrasive paper to remove scratches. For a solid years while developing my paddles and boats I supported myself by repairing high end sailboards, racing yachts and all kinds of .

In this episode, John and crew find an easier and less costly way to fix scratches on gel coat. Gelcoat , Clear Coat Detailing Made. It might be from a muffed landing, a dropped . Scratches are by far the most common damage to fiberglass boats.

They can be caused by almost anything – branches on the riverbank to grocery . I have some scratches in my gelcoat that I would like to repair. These range from very minor to some deeper ones, but none of them penetrates . Old boat (years) with a number of chips and scratches in the cockpit mainly ( and the bow!) which need to be repaired. Minor gelcoat scratches can be sanded and buffed out if they are not.

Mike Miro , owner of Dynamic Fiberglass Boat Repairs in Deltona, Fla. B: BASIC GELCOAT REPAIRS. SCRATCH : Usually found . You can fill deep scratches with gel coat available at West Marine or. Strengthens, repairs , and rebuilds. To repair small scratches in gel coat no special tools are required.

If you can see the scratch but not get your fingernail into it then no gel coat is needed for the . Gel – coat is basically a relatively thick layer of resin with colorant added. Every paddler knows scratches are inevitable and regardless of the color of the gel – coat , all scratches show up as white. Deep repairs that are beyond the superficial scratch will need some filler before gelcoat application.

For small scratches Cabosil mixed with the gelcoat to a . For the most part, there are two types of gel coat repairs , minor and ultra-major. Tough as it is, gelcoat almost inevitably gets scratched , gouge or chipped from contact with trailers, docks, rocks, and so on. Just like refinishing, repairing.

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