Erde 122 side panels

Erde make extension side panels for the 1model trailer and above. Extension side panels double the height of your trailer, giving your trailer . Side Panel for Erde 1RHS – SIDE122. Choosing the Right Bike Size.

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Camping and Caravanning Forums,Campsites,reviews,free classified ads, . Included in the kit is: x end pane( tailgate), x side panels and 1 . Can be easily fitted to the trailer side panels or high side extension kits. Heavy duty load bars made from . The mesh kit is easy to fit to the existing side panels of your trailer, and. Zinc plated panels and floor (light galvanise).

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Brand: ERDE Department: Car. Erde 1Trailer Perth : Customize your Erde 1to be the ideal motorbike touring. Erde First Trailer Package Deal Four – High Sides. Reinforced side panels limited to the frame. BH1- Cover – 30cm for Erde 1. The frame is quick and simple to assemble due to its tool free assembly method and sits on top of the trailers side panels.

Trailer (supplied for self assembly) from our Trailers range at Tesco direct. The Erde 1comes complete with all lights and connections ready for road use. Durable, heavy duty, galvanised steel mesh extension kit that increases trailer load space. Erde Leisure trailer Accessories 10 1, 14 1cover hard tops mesh sides jockey wheels high covers spare wheel carriers.

Unladen weight 65kg, Maximum carrying capacity 335kg. Tyre size 1x R1 Fold down front and rear panel to aid tipping. The base trailer was a small Erde 1(Halfords) with its side panels removed and a welded box section structure was then bolted on. Galvanised steel panels axle and mudguards. Tipper facility removable drop tailgate.

Protected brake fog and side lights.

As with all Erdé trailers the 122. Classic box trailer meets and. There, the artists decided to collocate all the objects on one side of the room,. Another example is the kinetic installation Zwischen Himmel und Erde. Indespension Erde 1Camping Trailer.

Profiled galvanised steel sides.