Door sizes in inches

The standard size for an exterior door is inches by inches which is ft, inches by ft. Please see below our helpful door size conversion chart. If you still work in feet and inches , the chart will help you work out the metric equivalent size of our . An interior passage door is any door that you use to move from one room to another, and the code requires these to be inches in height. Door sizes and dimensions. Most doors sold in Australia conform to one of a number of standard sizes.

Standard door sizes allow for the mass production . Read our size guide to help you when figuring our what doors you need at. The most common front door size is inches wide by inches tall, with a thickness of approximately 3/inches. Imperial (feet inches ), Imperial ( inches ). Interior doors normal size is inches but come in a variety of sizes 12332. What are the typical exterior door dimensions ? Rough opening – the required dimensions to fit a pre .