Door leaf selector

Also known as door co-ordinators, these products are fitted to rebated double doors and hold the first leaf open until the second leaf has closed. Door sequence selectors are essential for the correct and safe closing of double- leaf hinged fire protection doors. System for controlled opening of two door leaves in a door unit. Sequence selectors are for use on double doors with rebated meeting stiles, overlapping seals or latch mechanisms that require the door leaves to close in the . In this way, optimum value for money can be achieved for each individual door situation.

Briton Door Selectors are designed for use on pairs of doors where the inactive leaf is required to close before the active leaf.

The Door Selector is suitable for . The HOPPE AR2door selector enables a pair of self-closing doors with. SECOND closing leaf , where it rests ajar until the FIRST closing leaf lifts the . DC700) on the inactive leaf and guide rail with integrated door selector. Integrated door selector for closing of the doors in the correct sequence in all . COR series coordinators are designed for use on pairs of single action doors where leaves must close in the correct order. This type of door arrangement is often . SF-250F Door Selector SSSThe SF-250F Door Selector is Designed to be fitted to a set of rebated doors , the idea is to slow one leaf down to allow the ri.

DICTATOR door sequence selectors ensure the right.

For double- leaf hinged fire and smoke protection doors it is mandatory to be equipped with a door sequence selector. F Door Selector Is Designed To Be Fitted To A Set Of Rebated Doors , The Idea Is To Slow One Leaf Down To Allow The Right Leaf To Sit In The . As for a standard single leaf side-hung fire door -set, pair leaf fire doors must also be. This door selector will allow the slave leaf of a double door set to close first then allow the active leaf to close afetrwards. This particular selector incorporates a . HDC and double-leaf doors with linkage door closers and door leaf selector.

Ensures the correct closing sequence of double- leaf doors. Bi-folding Leafs available inward or outward opening. In this case, the carry bar GEZE CB flex guarantees that the active leaf is opened to.

This means both door leaves can then be closed again in the correct order. The DE30DK door selector is installed under the head of the door frame in place of the transom stop. The door selector is suitable for . SEAL TYPE: Flush meeting stiles if one door bolted to one leaf only, SEAL TYPE: Flush meeting stiles if one door bolted to one leaf only . Ryobi Sequence SelectorThe purpose of a sequencing selector arm closer is to. Recommended maximum door leaf mass kg. Non-hande can be installed opening or closing side, on the door or on the frame.

To be used with sliding arms . Suitable only for double- leaf doors with or without upper overlap (see details).

The ITSdoor closer is a cam-action device, which is concealed in the head of the door and. If the master leaf only is opene the door selector is inactive. Closing sequence selector with electromagnetic hold-open in the active and passive leaf. The closing sequence selector ensures, that the door leafs are clo-.

Zn-coated steel plates, with mineral wool core, secured by trim list. Door closer for single leaf doors with guide rails represent modern closing.